Road Trip Radio's Catastr-O-Meter!

For Parents who forgot to plan for time spent in the car.

One of the most commonly forgotten aspects of planning a road trip is the actual time on the road.

You’ve done a lot of planning for your family’s trip – it’s normal to overlook this area.

No need to fret – we’ve got you covered!

Road Trip Radio is pleased to offer you its Catastr-O-Meter! This is your go-to guide for what to do in tricky situations that can arise in the car. At every step of the way, it outlines surefire methods to keep your road trip momentum going for the whole ride there and back.

Let’s break it down.


  • Fidgety passengers.
    Everyone seems to have been infected with the jitterbug. A little too restless for your liking.
  • Binge eats of all binge eats.
    You’re less than half way there and the candy supply has been suddenly depleted. Sugar highs are rampant. Despite your efforts, too much junk in too short of a time has been consumed.
  • Accusation central.
    One moment ago, you were enjoying the serene stillness of peaceful passengers. Then suddenly, Martyn and Leona are arguing over who had the Pokéball first…and it doesn’t seem to be simmering down anytime soon.

Easy fix? Assign your copilot with safeguarding the candy stash and get a fun family game going. Most importantly, remain calm. You’re only at green – so far, so good (mostly).


  • Seating plan complaints.
    They’re arguing over who gets their favourite seats again. 
  • Churning tummies.
    A glucose-induced reckoning begins to brew amongst the candy eaters.
  • Yelling match.
    You begin to wonder if sound echoes more inside of a car than it does in your living room.

Easy fix? Allow seat switches at break stops, keep that Canada Dry and Gravol nearby and remain on high alert. Keep checkin’ that rearview mirror to monitor the situation appropriately.


  • “Are we there yet?”
    The most dreaded line of any road trip. 
  • Untimely bathroom breaks.
    Fields and trees as far as the eye can see – no civilization in sight. Yet the tummies continue to churn…the urgent need of a washroom is scarily approaching.
  • Hair pulling.
    Self-explanatory. Not good.

Easy fix? Accept that there might have to be a change in the travel route and that wilderness may temporarily be your washroom. Since this is the last level before Red, a small pause is probably worth your while.


  • “Take me home!”
    We were kidding. THIS is the most dreaded line of any road trip.
  • Projectile vomiting
    For your sake, we’ll skip the details. In a confined space, it’s definitely not ideal.
  • Boxing match
    The car has transformed into a ring and you involuntarily have become the referee.

Easy fix? Announce that you’re almost at your destination (even if you’re not, white lies in moments of distress are encouraged) and come prepared with a clean-up kit (basically lots of plastic bags and Lysol wipes). At this point, it’s ideal to make arriving at your destination in one piece your top priority.

If all else fails, turn on Road Trip Radio, now available for download on your favourite podcast providers. It’s been known to calm nerves and soothe tummy aches.


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