Games For The Road

Normally boring games made totally un-boring.

Everyone loves a good sing along right? A little battle royale over which radio station to play?...Yeah we didn’t think so. That’s why we’ve prepared a games printout, with a little twist on the classics. To be exact, a Canadian twist.

‘Tis the season for exploring our wondrous country. Whether you’re endeavouring our land coast to coast, or treasuring the nature in your neighbourhood, there’s no denying Canadians have much to discover at their fingertips. Our games are a little handy dandy reminder of the things we get to call our own!

Super simple and easy to play, these Canadianized classics use your surroundings so there’s no prep work or props required. All you need is the printout (yes, you can actually download and keep your own copy!).

  • The original I Spy is just too easy. Now, we’re calling on families everywhere to specifically spot Canadian wildlife. This one is also a favourite if there’s a nature-filled hike on your itinerary.
  • Rock, Paper, Antlers is played just like the original except that you have to replace scissors with antlers, and show the other players your best impression of an animal with antlers. Aside from a thrilling pastime, this game is just a perfect opportunity to act out your favourite antler-equipped animals.  
  • Brush up on your Canadian A-list knowledge with Celebrity License Plate. If little ones are playing, we encourage you to include their fictional heroes. Dora the Explorer may not be Canadian, but we’ll allow it since 5 year olds don’t listen to Celine Dion.
  • Forget punch buggies and bring back the station wagon – beaver panels are the name of the game. The only other difference in Beaver Panel Showdown from its original is the requirement to tap your family and friends politely. Because we’re Canadian and that’s what we do.

These should take your journey for a real whirl, but if all else fails, turn on Road Trip Radio, now available for download your favourite podcast providers. It’s been known to be more fun than any game out there.



Funded by the Government of Canada.